Why You Need An SEO Copywriter

Owing a website is a challenge at the best of times but when you are then expected to create high-quality content that is useful for your visitors, it becomes a new level of headache! Many business owners are incredibly savvy when it comes to running their empires but they aren’t necessarily blessed with the gift of the gab.

Being able to talk, or rather write, in a clear, concise, and interesting manner isn’t a skill that everyone possesses; but then not everyone can juggle, either. So, if you’re writing skills are lacking, don’t feel as though your website is going to be a failure.

The best way to tackle the issue is to hire an SEO copywriter in Melbourne who will be able to craft carefully written pieces that will make your website stand out from the crowd.

If you want your online business to thrive and you want to drive a lot of organic traffic to your website through higher search engine ranking, then a copywriter is an essential member of your team, and we are here to tell you why.

What Does An SEO Copywriter Do?

One of the first things you might be asking yourself when looking to hire an SEO copywriter, Melbourne, is what will they do for you? Well, in the simplest terms a copywriter is someone who writes copy. It’s that easy.

But they won’t just produce bog-standard work. These skilled people are there to deliver the kind of high-quality content that search engines like Google are crying out for.

These people can create all kinds of copy, depending on the needs of your business. For come online businesses this means detailed blog posts and articles that are in keeping with the theme of the niche. For others, this could be home page copy or business information and of course, everything in between.

Does It Cost A Lot To Hire An SEO Copywriter Melbourne?

Copywriters charge varying amounts and this will largely depend on their level of experience and skill. However, they don’t tend to charge over the odds and you may be pleasantly surprised to discover what you can get for your budget.

In Australia, a copywriter, on average, may charge anywhere between $70 and $240 per hour. The more experienced writers will of course be the higher end of this price range with newcomers charging less.

While it can be tempting to go for a cheaper copywriter, it is always a good idea to pay them for a trial before committing to a long-term contract. There are many non-native English speakers working as online copywriters and while some of them create comprehensible copy, others will deliver work that is way below the standard you would expect.

If you want the best quality then you must be willing to pay for a more experienced writer who is fluent in the language you want them to write in.

Why Do I Need An SEO Copywriter?

One of the most notable skills of the SEO copywriter is that they are able to find the perfect balance between writing for people and writing for Google (and other search engines.) You see what Google wants is vastly different to what the average reader wants.

Have you ever visited a website that is so packed with keywords that it is barely legible? This happens more often than you would think because some website owners still believe that keyword spamming is the best way to drive traffic. This may have been the case ten years ago but today, it’s a different story.

Search engines are becoming much smarter and will filter out the bad content from the good. Let’s assume your main longtail keyword is ‘houses for sale in Melbourne’ and you want to include this several times across your site to drive traffic. It’s a viable keyword and one that is searched very frequently. However, if you use it too often, Google will recognize that your content isn’t providing any value.

What an SEO copywriter can do is incorporate this longtail keyword into your content more naturally, making it feel as though it is supposed to be there.

Moreover, an SEO copywriter is experienced with the intricacies of spelling and grammar so any copy they produce will be 100% correct and easy to read. This is super important for your audience since they aren’t going to want to struggle through written content, barely able to understand what is being discussed.

In addition to the content being easy to read, it must also be enjoyable. All too often, you come across website content that could put even an insomniac to sleep. You want to engage your audience and give them a reason to remain on your website. The longer you can keep them there, the more likely it will be that their visit will convert to a sale. Your SEO copywriter will be able to inject a good deal of personality into the copy that will speak to your readers on a more personal level.

All of these things prove our earlier point that an SEO copywriter is an essential part of your business team. And while you might not ever meet this person, as the majority of this work is done online, they’ll boost your business in a way that nobody else could.

A Note About Blogging

Many people are under the belief that blogging is an outdated form of speaking to a website audience but this is far from being the truth. While the days of being able to make a fortune out of a blog may be behind us (primarily because the big guns have already firmly planted their territory), there is still room for small businesses to have their say on the web.

Let’s imagine you are running a small bakery and you want to engage your website audience with more than just details of what your business has to offer. A blog is an amazing way to do this.

This part of your website allows you, or your SEO copywriter, to create exciting content surrounding your business area. For the small bakery, this might include recipe posts, how-to’s on cake decorating, ‘the best ingredients for…’ posts, and much more.

Let’s Wrap Up

If you want your business to get noticed online then SEO is an essential process that you simply cannot live without. While there are many branches of SEO, keywords and high-quality content are among some of the most important. But putting together great content that isn’t spammy isn’t something that everyone finds easy.

Hiring an SEO copywriter in Melbourne for your local business will give your brand the boost it needs and you might not need to pay as much as you think. Anything you do pay will be returned to you in profit from your newly boosted business so it’s a win-win all around!

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